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Noro + Malabrigo = ♥

Have you ever wondered what would happen if two of your favorite yarns became one, so to speak? Nabbing the attributes of one and the other to make a more perfect yarn?

I’ve wondered. And so, when my dear Auntie Faith wanted a scarf (in blues and teals and purples), I got to thinking. There was some lovely purple sock yarn around, but it wasn’t distinctive enough. My eyes fell on the Noro Kureyon Sock – fingering weight, 1ply, in lovely, long color runs of blue, purple, green, and magenta.

yummy on its own…

The downsides to Noro? The sock yarn is fine. Would make for a rather insubstantial scarf in the end. Also, it’s scratchy! I’ve been promised that the sock yarn wears beautifully – softens, blooms, etc. But I don’t want to have to “age” my yarn – I want it nice now.

From whence was born a brainstorm. Because I also have a skein of the most luscious 1ply laceweight yarn – Malabrigo. In the striking deep blue colorway of Azul Bolita:

Do you see where I’m going with this? Not yet?

Pattern to follow in the near (?) future!


As the OED has now entered it into common usage, I can say with no pause that I heart this project.


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Spinning and the center

So, from the name of this blog, you’d think I’m a hardcore spinner. And truth is, I’m not. Shocking, right?

I’m a casual, work-a-day spinner. I love to spin, and I love to acquire things to spin, but there are problems with the process. It’s not very portable, for one, and I can’t do it without looking at it. Which means, no multitasking.

On a side-note, see here for the most adorable knit-multitasking of the winter, knitting my Pom-pom hat with my nephew Grégory (eee! I have a nephew!) starting to doze off.

Anywho, no multitasking with spinning, which has meant that it gets relegated to second (third, fourth) banana. But, that just means a need for a paradigm shift, right? Spending time appreciating the task at hand, and not trying to be six places at once. Finding center and stability and patience with a slow and steady task. It’s something that I used to be much better at, and I’ve fallen away from. In fact, it’s the concept of center that led me to choose this blog name in general – I’m a person with lots of things swirling around, and the world itself keeps spinning too. But a balanced wheel (or spindle!) is something with a lot of control, and that’s  what I’d like to be aiming for.

This leads me to two exciting upcoming events. The first is tonight – a spinning workshop at Dudley House. This could be perhaps the most well-attended fiber-related event I’ve thrown as a Dudley Fellow, which is surprising, because I’ve never had a single person show up to spin at workshops at Stitch House. I have 9 RSVPs, not including myself and the hubster, so I’m excited! The agenda has some spindling demos, some fiber talk, and my spinning wheel taking the place of honor. Then, we’ll be MAKING OUR OWN SPINDLES! Can you feel the excitement? I’ve got materials for making a dozen simple top-whorl drop spindles – a hardwood wheel, a 9″ segment of 3/4″ birch dowel with a pilot hole drilled in one end, and a 5/8″ cup hook. A dab of glue, and you’ve got a drop spindle!

Next week we’ll be Kool-Aid dying, à la Knitty, so I need to make sure I’ve got enough dyeable stock around that I’m willing to part with; that, or order more.

And after that, I’ll be taking a long-awaited trip out to Western MA to visit the yoga ashram Kripalu. I’m not going for anything special, just to spend a couple of nights in a different place and to take some yoga classes. Ever since my hands have become problematic (2 years and counting, now), my yoga practice has gone downhill (which has probably made things worse). I’d like to get it back into my life, and this seemed like a no-brainer way to do it. For a long time I’ve had the notion of joining their teacher-training course, so I’m hoping this will give me some experience with the way things work there, and let me know if that’s a path I should follow or not. I’m incredibly excited about it, which is great, because I’ve been in a real rut for a long time.

I hope to have some awesome spinning pictures for you guys to oogle later on, so stay posted!

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