The Blue Knitting Blues

December 3, 2010 at 6:26 pm 1 comment

Let me tell you a story ’bout a sweater. A fine li’l sweater for that ever-lovin’ man o’ mine.

Once upon a time, I made my man a sweater. A wine-red sweater, ribbed knit, beautiful. Worked up quick, done in secret, fit perfectly. So perfect that he’d wear it 3 days a week every week in the winter.

“You need another sweater,” says I. “I’m gonna make you another sweater.”

So I think, what’s my favorite yarn? What would be perfect as a testament of my love? And I think of Louet Gems Sport. A sproingy, well-balanced, really beautiful yarn. Superwash wool, and we stock it at work. I look online, pick the right color, and get an order ready. I figured I probably wanted around 2000 yds, and so with 225 per skein, a bag of 10 would do the trick. And for some reason, the price in the skein seemed significantly cheaper than by the cone, so I ordered one bag, and thought that I had a bargain of a sweater on my hands.

And then, my order arrived, and I had 5 skeins of yarn. I hadn’t checked to see how many skeins there were per bag, and it wasn’t loudly advertised, and I had half the yarn I needed, at about $50. “This is going to be pricier than I thought,” says I, and I look back at those cones, which are actually much cheaper per yard. So, I cast on, and order 2 cones to finish off the sweater. Another $40. Knit knit knit.

So I start knitting a stockinette sweater on size 2 needles. Day and night, through generals, through good times and bad, I knit this sweater. But it’s not quite right. The bottom edging doesn’t want to lie flat. The yarn is more finicky than I’d imagined, and shows minor tension differences pretty strikingly. There are frequent knots mid-skein. My normal joins of yarn look bulky and will need to be reworked. And then, the additional yarn hasn’t come in yet.

Ordered August 12th, it’s not until the last week of November that the extra yarn comes in, at which point I’ve knitted up all I’ve got and am left at an impasse. So when I get my two cones of French Blue, I’m thrilled. “Knit non-stop!” I cry, and get going at it, because the birthday I’d wanted to knit the sweater for had come and gone. Guilt sets in, and the sweater mocks me in my sleep. I knit at fever pitch for inches, until I realize…

The dye lots really don’t match. Really. There is a stripe where the yarn transitions to a much lighter color, and it’s not acceptable.

So I spend a day knitting in denial of this fact, until I realize, I need to try to match the yarn. I need to rip out the 5 inches knit with the new yarn, and find the right dye lot somewhere in this whole wide world.

One night of frantic messages to all the Ravelry members who admit to owning this yarn, and emails to every retailer who advertises selling it, by morning I have confirmation of a shop that has 5 skeins of the lot I need, and can ship immediately. Ordered. $67 charged via PayPal (are you keeping score of the final cost of this sweater?), and a promise of delivery by Monday.

Moral of the story – find out how much yarn you’re getting when you place a special order, and don’t try to cut costs if or when you realize you’ve made a mistake!


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  • 1. fridica  |  December 3, 2010 at 7:47 pm

    Oh my. He better ADORE that sweater once it’s done. And hugs to you for being so persistent!


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