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This is a non-knitting related post (except that I have 3 projects on needles, and I feel like such a playboy flitting from one to the other to the third).

Wedding! Seeds! Babies!

First and foremost on my mind has been my upcoming wedding! I’m hard at work making my dress (or at least was until my modern Singer decided it preferred to hack up hairballs than sew…time to move things around and use my trusty 1918 Singer beauty…), and will post some pictures soon. Before I could start that, I needed to re-upholster the antique dressmaker’s dummy that my mother gave me. With a flat-chested (heavily corsetted) silhouette, and about 100 years of dust in its cover, it needed some work. But, I spent Presidents’ Day stripping it down, re-padding it with wool batting, covering it with clean cotton jersey, and setting it back up. I gave it a bit more of a chest, and now it looks like this:

Jonathan keeps suggesting that since we look so similar (the dressform and I) that he needs to be sure to marry the right one. Hopefully that won’t be an issue.

I need to spend some time on invitations for those people who need invitations, and then move on to details like *the caterer*.


Also on Presidents’ Day, I planted a few trays of seeds indoors for spring transplanting, and by Jove, they’re starting to grow! The onions and basil are already sprouting, the tomatoes and poppies are hopefully close behind. And my wax beans, pumpkins, morning glories and moonflowers will all have to wait until the frost is gone and until I’ve claimed a patch of land for planting (which reminds me, I should talk to the landlords about that…).

And Babies!

Not for me, but this is the time of life for babies, it seems! This week I learned that two friends are pregnant with their second babies, and I have a few distant friends getting ready to have their firsts… Time to start knitting (or even better, designing) baby things!

I love spring.


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Firebird rising… Spring is Springing

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