A cure for the blues

July 28, 2009 at 3:31 pm 2 comments

This summer has found me in a funk more often than I would have liked – I blame the weather, which had us drowning in April showers up through the first week of July. Summer’s here now, and there’s a lot of enjoying to catch up on.

For one, I’ve finally broken through the knitting blues that I was submerged in. I attribute it to a couple of started and abandoned projects, a baby blanket in colors I picked out online and wasn’t thrilled about when they arrived, and another “obligation” project that I’d promised a friend. Those out of the way, I’m free to flex my creative skills and work on the new and exciting.

The first of these projects was the Art Nouveau Cowl, which I just finished yesterday afternoon, finished photos soon forthcoming. It was a treat to work with such nice yarn, even though threading the beads was a literal pain in the fingers. I hope it gets good use this winter – and if not, it’s an excellent gift for a deserving…friend? mother? cousin? Who knows.

Then, we went to WEBS. It wasn’t the life-altering experiece I thought it might be (I should set my sights on Rhinebeck for that), but it was a fabulous shop, with good prices and a nice discount tier. We picked up 7 skeins of Cascade 220 for a sweater for Jonathan, which I started designing this past weekend. Yes, ladies, that’s right, I’m making my boyfriend a sweater without having procured an engagement ring first. I’ll let you know how it turns out!

Although I’ve done a small swatch for that sweater already, I still need to reswatch with the right color and the right needles. First, I should probably wind up all that yarn mechanically; although, I have been enjoying hand-winding as of late. First, though, I’ve cast on for a new project for myself for this weather – a “Tantric Puzzle Top” (ravelry link) which sounds pretty sultry, you have to admit. It’s a one-piece sleeveless top that wraps up something like a ballet sweater, and has a lot of flexibility in the design, so I’m making it out of light green linen with a lace leaf motif. It should be fabulous. The green linen, incidentally, was from a yoga mat bag I finished up last year around this time. A pretty bag, but not a good design (swatch your netting before you make the whole bag! It might stretch in an unpleasant way!). I kept the elaborate cabled strap, top piece with a fancy knot and psychadelic striped bottom, and will consider what to do with it later. Maybe another yoga bag (the dimensions are right) or maybe something else…think think think…

Today I walked to campus instead of biking, and I was kicking myself for not having brought sock yarn to knit with…and as I head to meet a friend for coffee, I’ll be sure to have the linen ready to go. And on that note, away I go!


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Art Nouveau Cowl, pt. 1 Ahoy, September!

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  • 1. kaypaiva  |  July 29, 2009 at 2:03 am

    The weather has totally put a damper on this summer!

  • 2. gnochistickate  |  July 29, 2009 at 8:21 am

    Agreed. On the other hand, it certainly has given me a dose of perspective. I’m not one to ask for hot summer days, but every time it’s been over 80 and humid I’ve had to temper my disgust for sweat and sunburns with an appreciation for the sunlight and warmth. And this is New England – it will only last so long; we could have snow in October for all we know. Better take what we’ve got.


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