Spring is here!

April 29, 2009 at 12:51 pm Leave a comment

Here we are at the tail end of the semester, an exam period waiting in store for me, followed by a beautiful summer. Airfare is still cheap, so even after I pay for my Greek course, I’ll probably be able to afford to travel a little bit in the late summer.

Knitting has hopped onto the back burner lately, as I’ve worked to wrap up some transcriptions for my Latin Paleography course (I could do more, but at this point it’ll just become procrastination from other things I’m less eager to work on), and this past weekend I was in Washington D.C. and Baltimore, looking at Byzantine manuscripts. I saw people whose jobs were extremely enviable, an d now I wonder if I’m really in it for the literature any more…ah well.

I have, however, started working on the Aeolian shawl, and it’s whipping up beautifully. There’s something very therapeutic about the amount of concentration I have to put into it, and the thin threads weaving together into this lacy, springy mass of soft blue-green wool and shimmering glass beads.

Spring keeps calling me to curl up on a sunny blanket in tall grass with a lover, a baby and a puppy, in a long skirt which twirls when I dance. If I can couple this with my vision of a cluttered office piled with books, potted plants, and cardigans, I’ll be all set.


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Photos are up! Finals go on, life goes on

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