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So, mostly for my own sake, I’m going to give the quick run-down of projects in the works, with a rough timeline. Many of these projects are vague, and the chance for something to skip in line is always high. But, it will be good for me to make some record of what’s going on, outside of the overflowing yarn basket.

  1. Eunny Jang’s Tangled Yoke Sweater. This is in the works, and I hope for it to be done before the end of the month. It’s in pretty good shape for that to happen, I might add. Worked in Blue Sky Alpaca’s Melange, in a yummy cornflower blue, it’ll be warm, and squishy…like wearing a kitten on your shoulders, minus the claws and teeth.
  2. Random Christmas Stocking. I was hired to duplicate a Christmas stocking, and make more for the rest of the family. I think at this point it’s safe to say that I need to finish the duplicate, but then beg off of any additional responsibilities. Worked in Red Heard misery, it’s just got to get finished.
  3. Random repair job. Another commission work, to fix this disaster of a fiber-moth job, a cabled sweater that got eaten to shreds. I just can’t wait for the thing to be out of my house.
  4. Jeni’s belt. A year ago, over spring break, I bought Jeni a skein of lovely multi-colored yarn, and made the mistake of offering to make her a gift from it. A year later, she took me up on the offer, and wants a belt and a hair band. Not too hard (depending on how I end up making the pattern) but time-consuming. This may go on hold, and become a birthday (October) gift.
  5. Handspun project. I have a bunch of orange chunky handspun just waiting to become a cowl.
  6. Kilt Hose. I’ve been looking for a good pattern, but I have a big hank of Fisherman’s wool, and I want a pair of good cabled hose to go with my kilt.
  7. Lacey, beady shawl. I’ve got a skein of lovely green-blue laceweight that I got last spring at the Mass sheep&wool fest, which I’d like to turn into a shawl with sparkley beads abounding. This may get some priority over other things.
  8. Cashmere cowl/scarf. I have 2 skeins of lovely plum-colored cashmere that I bought on sale at work, and gifted a similar 2 skeins to Jonathan’s friend Fran├žoise. We’ll see what gets done with the two different sets.
  9. Silk/Cashmere teddy bear. I have 1 skein of Jade Mongolian Cashmere/Silk blend in a teal-blue, and it’s lovely. Fabulous. Too small to make anything of substance of. Maybe another lacey scarf, but I think a tiny teddy bear would be adorable.

These are just the projects that I have the yarn for and concrete ideas about. There’s more, things I don’t have concrete patterns or yarns picked out for.

  • Baby gifts! The most pressing of these is something for Jonathan’s new niece or nephew, making an appearance on the scene in late August. There’s also just a general desire to make baby things, for non-specific babies that will be being born in the future. Luckily, I have a couple of years to gather priceless baby patterns, because they’re only starting to get married in my peer group right now.
  • Jonathan’s “the best boyfriend in the world” sweater. I would only make a sweater for the best boyfriend in the world, right? Hence the name. The fact that he probably won’t get this for a long time shouldn’t be taken as an indication that he’s anything less than the world’s best boyfriend, just as an honest recognition of the rest of the knitting on this list…along with, you know, a Ph.D. to work toward. We may have to rename this “the best husband in the world” sweater if it gets bumped in line for long enough.

I could think of more. But it’s better that I not make that kind of commitment.


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An academically worthwhile day. Wonderful weekend, back to work.

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